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When the first golf course was built in Mauritius in 1844, it also happened to be the very first in the Southern Hemisphere; and reportedly, the 4 th golf course anywhere. Fast forward almost 175 years later, and we will have our 11 th 18-hole championship golf course!

We, at Mauritius Golf Tours, have always believed that our island is more than just perfect beaches, or matchless golf resorts. Mauritius can certainly pride itself on having developed into an unrivaled golf destination. But it also offers so much more, something quite unique in fact; something where history, culture, hospitality, service, fantastic weather, and amazing scenery all combine into something that is greater than the sum of its parts.

We are aware that there are former great golfers and golf course designers who have made the island their second home, while others have been coming on holiday here for more than 20 years. What is it that attracts these families here year after year?
Our vision in launching Mauritius, the Emerging Golf Destination was to bring all the players in the industry together on one platform to promote our beautiful island to golfers worldwide. We are fully aware that golfers have literally hundreds of destinations to choose from, every time they book a holiday. At the same time, the discerning golfer is looking for a location where he can concentrate on playing, and have everything else taken care of.

We can state with utmost confidence: Look no further! Not only will you find everything you might want in terms of actual golfing, but you are on an island with multiple hidden treasures beyond the golf course.

To all our partners in the golf sector who have made this first issue successful, we want to say a huge ‘Thank You’ for your support. Together, we will put Mauritius on the Golf map!

The Publisher
Olivier Lajeunesse


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