Our VIP Airport Transfers is an  exclusive experience offered to guests coming in their private jets and also commercial airlines connected to Mauritius upon arrival and departure.The Yu Lounge is the ultimate service for all discerning golfers coming to Mauritius. If your time is precious and you value privacy and confidentiality, the Yu Lounge service is designed for you.

The moment the airplane lands, you will be escorted in your immaculate limousine to the private lounge far away from the crowded airport where finger foods and refreshment awaits you. No hassle, no queues… the team of expert is here to assist you. All you can do is relax and enjoy the Mauritian hospitality while the concierge team is taking care of your luggages and customs procedures.

The Ultimate Experience

  • No hassle
  • No queue
  • Streamlined customs & immigration
  • Unique culinary delicacies
  • Refreshments

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